‘You’re f****** dead to me!’: Tecumseh Cop On Leave After Strangling His Own Son Over Marijuana Discussion

A Tecumseh, Oklahoma police sergeant has been arrested and put on administrative leave after choking his son in a restaurant when their discussion turned to marijuana.

Cpl. Vivian Lozano with the Shawnee Police Department said the attack occurred at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Shawnee while Sgt. Jesse McCord and his son, Taylor, were eating dinner and drinking alcohol, reported KFOR.

“They were having a conversation, which ended up heated, and an argument started,” Lozano said.

When the officer began getting angry, Taylor asked him to leave because there were children at the restaurant.

“I came with you, and you can’t make me get up, ” McCord responded. He later told his son, “You’re f*cking dead to me, you worthless piece of sh*it.”

Taylor said his father jumped out of his chair and choked him.

“Strangulation is very serious. He was treated and released at the hospital. I’m not sure how injured he was or anything, but he was released,” Lozano said.

McCord, officer of the year in 2017, was arrested and charged with assault and battery-strangulation.