Woman Found DEAD In Cleveland Heights Jail Cell After Being Arrested During Argument With Husband

Another woman has been found mysteriously dead in her jail cell, after being arrested during an argument with her husband. The Cleveland, Ohio woman was found dead in the Cleveland Heights jail, Sunday following her arrest.

Ralkina Jones, was pronounced dead at the Cleveland Heights police station.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy on Jones, but said that no suspicious injuries were noted. Still, they held back the cause of death, saying that it required “further studies” before they could say for sure how and why she died.

According to Jones’ family members, she was arrested following an argument with her ex-husband Brandon that took place at his place of work.

It was unclear what exactly happened, but there is no dispute that Jones was very upset and vandalized her ex-husband’s vehicle.

When the police got there, they charged her with assault, domestic violence, endangering a child and criminal mischief. It is unclear why they believed all of these charges fit, since her victim appears to have been a vehicle – breaking her ex-husband’s car window and trying to smash the windshield with a tire iron.

Police wrote in the report that she hit her husband with this tire iron, but he was not injured and was not treated at the hospital according to any sources we have contacted about this case. That would seem to indicate that she had not attacked him, but we continue to try to dig up more details on what actually happened during this dispute.

Police indicate that she drove towards her ex-husband and his girlfriend, with her 12-year-old in the backseat.

They admit that they did not stop her and that she did not hit either of them, which would seem to indicate that while she was very clearly out of line and breaking the law, she had not actually injured anyone.

That is no justification for her actions, but it does seem that the police were trying to slap her with everything they could possibly think up.

It is clear that she was upset, so it would not at all sound unbelievable, given these details, if the police had claimed she committed suicide in this case.

But that’s not what they are claiming.

Instead, they are simply saying that Jones was mysteriously found dead in her jail cell.

“She passed in two days, she was doing just fine,” Fred Johnson, Jones’s cousin said.

Her sister Renee Ashford added that “I went to see her Saturday morning, me and my sister went to take her her medication. We had a talk and she was fine.”

There were no signs of suicide. The coroner has not indicated any overdose from police administered medication, but they have acknowledged that the police fed her a number of prescription pills.

The family blames the police and says that she should have been taken to a hospital and kept there – but the police were in a rush to see her behind bars, rather than treated.

“How do you release someone within two hours from going to an ER room? You know, just in such a hurry to take her back to jail,” Ashford continued.

Jones’ family explains that Ralkina had never been arrested for anything before. They say she just made a mistake during a heated dispute with her ex-husband.

“If she made a mistake and made the wrong decisions, she doesn’t deserve to be neglected knowing she has health issues,” her sister Rita Samuels said.

(Article by S. Wooten and M. David)