Woman Endured 8 Days In Mental Hostipal Because Police Didn’t Believe BMW Was Hers

Kamilah Brock was held in a mental hospital for eight days, and it’s all because the New York City police couldn’t believe that she owned a BMW.

The police officers with the NYPD were in such disbelief over her claim that she owned the BMW she was trying to get out of impound, that they began interrogating her, and finally sent her to a mental hospital for a hellish eight days, after they continued to disbelief each of her claims.

While she was there, she was forcefully injected with powerful drugs, and she says it was all because they “couldn’t believe black woman owned a BMW.”

Now, in her first interview, which aired on Thursday, the 32-year-old told PIX11 that this “nightmare” would never would have happened if she wasn’t African-American.

Watch the interview below…

Brock sued the city earlier this year in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. She contends that her constitutional rights under the Fourth and 14th Amendments were violated and that she suffered “unwanted and unwarranted intrusion of her personal integrity, loss of liberty and mental anguish.”

Earlier we reported that Brock was locked up in the psychiatric ward of a Long Island hospital after claiming that President Barack Obama follows her on Twitter. But there’s only one problem… he actually does.

But Kam Brock explains that it wasn’t just this. The police did send her to the psychiatric ward for making this accurate claim, but their real aggression began when she tried to get her car out of a New York Police Department impound site. The police repeatedly challenged her ownership of the BMW.

When she walked in to the Public Service Area 6 NYPD station, she was upset, but by no means, her lawyer explains, “emotionally disturbed,” as the police claim.

The NYPD had her forcibly committed for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation that soon turned into an 8-day ordeal.

Now, Brock is fighting back and suing the NYPD and the hospital for falsely imprisoning her.

She recounts, that “next thing you know, the police held onto me, the doctor stuck me with a needle and I was knocked out. I woke up to them taking off my underwear and then went out again. I woke up the next day in a hospital robe.”

She explains that the whole “Obama” comment was only brought up to try to explain “the type of person I am. I’m a good person, a positive person. Obama follows positive people.”

But the hospital actually made her discharge contingent upon her stating that this was a lie and denying that Obama follows her on Twitter.

The “master treatment plan” says that she must “state that Obama is not following her on Twitter” in order to be released. Strangely, no one at the hospital even bothered to check the Twitter account in question, which would have easily confirmed her claim.

To make matters worse, she was later billed $13,637.10 for her involuntary incarceration. She is demanding reimbursement for this, as well as an additional, unspecified amount in damages.

(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David)