Woman Can’t Stop Smiling For Mugshot After Punching Cop In His Face

Andrea Espinosa could not stop smiling when police took her mugshot photo. Espinosa had just been arrested after allegedly attacking an Idaho police officer.

The 25-year-old allegedly punched the officer right in his face when he attempted to remove her from a vehicle.

The local news source, The Idaho Statesman said that the officer was flagged down . The man who grabbed the officer’s attention said that he stopped his car for the woman and she jumped into his car and ordered him to drive.

Instead of driving, he jumped out of the car. The woman never threatened the man, nor brandished a weapon, so it is unclear what her intentions were. She may have been trying to get away from someone, or she may have been cold, or on drugs. It’s difficult to say, but the man assumed the worst and ran for help from a police officer.

Espinosa was in the driver’s seat, but had not driven anywhere when the officer approached her and grabbed her violently. Espinosa responded with a punch to the officer’s face, followed by a knee to his groin.

She was soon booked into the Ada County Jail, where she could not stop smiling and laughing about the attack on the officer.

Officers say she “appeared confused” but have not confirmed or denied other factors that may have led to this disposition, according to local KTVB.

She was charged with misdemeanor resisting and obstructing as well as felonious assault or battery on a police officer, but nothing related to the vehicle, as she had not actually broken any laws when the man flagged down the officer.

(Article by Jackson Marciana; image via the Ada County Sheriff’s Office)