Witnesses Say Police Forced Teen To Kneel Down, Then They Shot Him In The Back

Witnesses say that Charleston police literally made a teenager get down on his knees, put his hands behind his back, and then they shot him, execution-style, in the back of the head.

It all started Curnell had an encounter with a police officer at the housing projects where he lived in Charleston, South Carolina.

Denzel Curnell, 19, was shot and killed by a police officer while he was kneeling down with his hands placed behind his back. Denzel, also known by the nickname “Jaba” was completely unarmed.

This encounter left the unarmed youth with a bullet in the head. On a broader level, it has raised a lot of unanswered questions in the community.

None of the half dozen witnesses who saw the incident were willing to give their names to anyone interviewing them. They were all too terrified of the local police, who they describe as essentially assassinating the teen. All of the witnesses had the same story. Curnell was shot while kneeling and had no weapon.

A note left at the scene by a girl who signed her name only as “Sunshine” was affixed to a pole where a makeshift memorial to Denzel has been constructed

“JaBa was always a good person,” the note read. “He never bothered anyone. One day he was walking in the back of Bayside (Bridgeview’s former name) and he heard a voice that said put your hands behind your back, and he did that, and then the police shot him in the back, and we want justice for JaBa.”

Denzel Curnell had just completed basic training for the U.S. Army in Fort Benning, Georgia. His aunt, Sylvia Campbell explained, ”He wanted to travel in the military. He wanted to get married and have children. His life was cut down at an early age.”

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(Article by Shante Wooten)