Witness: Brighton Police Shot Innocent Handcuffed Man And Lied About It

A witness is calling out the Brighton Police Department because one of their officers shot and injured an innocent man Wednesday, then lied to cover it up.

Police went to the 700 block of Mockingbird Street after they received a report of a man chasing a woman.

The police version of the events is that they found the man, he resisted arrest, and tried to take the officer’s gun, so the officer shot him.

Vanessa Duran, a witness, and the man’s girlfriend, spoke with Denver 7 to tell what really happened that night.

According to Duran, her boyfriend, Carlos Candelaria, wasn’t chasing a woman, and police needlessly shot him while he was handcuffed.

Denver 7 relayed Duran’s description of the shooting:

Duran said she was on her way home from grabbing dinner that evening when her car died before she could park in her apartment complex.

She said she decided to walk up to her apartment when she yelled at Candelaria to get back to her vehicle as her belongings were still inside and she was just going to go get cables.

“I come back down and running out and Carlos is in the car eating his food. And Brighton police pulls up,” Duran said. “And he says they got a call of domestic violence…a man chasing a woman.”

Naturally, police handcuffed both Duran and Candelaria.

“He got detained, and then he turned around and told the cops, ‘why are we being harassed and detained?’” Duran said. “The cop thought he was resisting arrest, chose to tackle him to the ground, started yelling ‘Gun! Gun! He’s reaching for my gun!’”

Duran said the officer then shot her innocent boyfriend.

Candelaria was taken to a hospital with unknown injuries, and he’s undergone a second surgery.

Duran now wants justice for the unnecessary police shooting

“I want justice… I want justice… this was uncalled for,” Duran said.

The Brighton Police Department said they could not comment on the situation, but on Friday evening, they tweeted they were confident the police officer was justified in shooting the innocent, handcuffed man.


The officer who shot the alleged suspect has been put on administrative leave as the investigation continues.