“I will ******* cap you!”: Florida Cop Arrested After Assaulting, Threatening To Murder Man

A Panama City Beach, Florida police officer has been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and battery after attacking a man outside a bowling alley. The incident happened on March 2, but he was only arrested this week.

Corporal Scott Womack, 48, became involved in an off-duty altercation with the victim in the Rock-It-Lanes parking lot in Panama City Beach, reported WJHG.

The arrest report states the verbal argument turned into a physical fight, with Womack choking the victim and putting a gun to his head.

The victim said Womack put a gun in his face and said “I will cap you, ************, I will ******* cap you!” He then holstered his gun and slapped his victim in the face.

Investigators say Womack was caught on video grabbing the victim by the throat and putting a gun in the victim’s face, according to the arrest report. The video also reportedly shows Womack walking away and holstering a gun.

Womack even walked back over to the victim and slapped the victim in the face while keeping his other hand on his gun in the video.

Chief Drew Whitman said Womack’s arrest was the end of the department’s criminal investigation.

The department is also conducting an ongoing internal affairs investigation.