Widow of Man Fatally Shot by Walker County Deputy Speaks About His Killing

The widow of a man killed by a Walker County deputy has decided to speak about the moments before the cop decided to kill her husband of 43 years.

Diana Parkinson told News Channel 9 the deputy shot and killed her husband Mark through a kitchen window in their Rossville, Georgia home as he was checking to see what the dogs were braking at.

Parkinson says her entire family had been asleep when officers first showed up outside the home.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the officers announced they were there several times, but the innocent victims never heard those announcements.

“All we heard was the dogs barking and Mark jumped up and said, ‘There’s something going on outside,'” Parkinson recounted.

Armed, Mark ran to the kitchen to see if he needed to defend his home and family.

“By the time I got into the kitchen probably thirty seconds later, he was already on the floor and had been shot,” Parkinson remembers.

Mark pointed his weapon at the person prowling outside his home, who happened to be Deputy John Chandler. The deputy then fatally shot the man in his own kitchen.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said his office is conducting an internal investigation to determine if the deputy followed proper procedures when he crept around to the kitchen window and killed the man in his own home. This is separate from the criminal investigation being conducted by the GBI.

Parkinson believes her husband was only trying to protect his family when he was gunned down by the deputy.

“He is not the type of man that would aim a weapon at someone unless he thought that someone was going to hurt his family,” said Parkinson.


Parkinson says the family had no idea why police were there.

The GBI originally said someone called 911 that night, claiming a woman inside was threatening herself and her child. The alleged incident was not occurring.

Radio traffic from that night and an attorney for the Parkinsons’ adult daughter, who was living with them at the time, reveal that the daughter’s estranged mother-in-law called 911 with the false information.