White Woman Sprays Acid On Her Own Face, Then Blames Imaginary Black Woman

A white woman in Staten Island, New York thought it would be a great idea to spray sulfuric acid in her own face, and then make false claims about a black woman attacking her. She later admitted to the police that she invented the whole story.

Lizzie Dunn claimed she was attacked earlier in the week at her bus stop by a black woman in her 40’s after she refused to give the imaginary woman cigarettes and money, reported Inside Edition.

With her face burning from the acid, she stumbled into a deli near the bus stop, causing a major panic inside the establishment and in the neighborhood.

Police told the New York Daily News that the Staten Island woman “has a history of self-harm,” and her deception was revealed after they began pressing her for more details on her attack claims.

Dunn “suffered second-degree burns on the left side of her face and scalp,” the report noted. Police did not yet mention if they will charge her with filing a false police report.

Watch part of the Inside Edition report below: