Watertown, CT Cop Arrested For Stealing From Charity Raffle

A Watertown, Connecticut police officer was arrested after being caught on video trying to steal a watch and bracelet from a charity raffle for a cancer center last month and then fighting the person who recorded it.

Officer Christopher Masayda, 26, has been charged with fifth-degree larceny and breach of peace and the Watertown police department is launching an internal affairs investigation, reported CBS CT.

Police say Masayda allegedly tampered with the raffle drawings at a police department sponsored charity golf tournament, and later stole a raffle prize which consisted of a watch and bracelet. The prize was donated by a local jeweler and valued at about $595.

Police also said Masayda then got into a physical confrontation with the person who recorded the theft and tried to take that person’s cell phone, which was used to record Masayda stealing the items.

Masayda’s attorney, Daniel A. Esposito, told NBC Connecticut, “Clearly, this was not Officer Masayda’s finest hour.”

He admitted to stealing the raffle prize, but said he immediately regretted it (after being caught on video) and was thinking about giving it back.

Masayda denied getting into a fight and said he was not trying to take the cell phone. He also denied tampering with the raffle, but later agreed he was interested in the men’s watch and said it was “an easy score because no one was paying attention,” according to the arrest warrant application.

Masayda will appear in court on November 20th.

(Article By James Carter)