Watch: Officer Caught On Body Camera Shooting and Killing Mentally Ill Man With Taser At Hospital

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released video showing the moments leading up to Officer Thomas Rybacki shooting and killing a mentally ill man who pointed a taser at him in a hospital.

The incident occurred in a patient emergency room at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and could lead to policy changes within the police department, reported NBC3 Las Vegas.

“We recognize we have several areas of concern,” said Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo. “Specifically, the introduction of a weapon into a hospital room and how the prisoner secured in that room and left alone even for a few seconds or minutes.”

NBC3 reported that around 10:40 p.m. Sunday night, officers were dispatched to the area of West Charleston Boulevard and Palmhurst Drive to investigate a report of a suicidal man.

Police were familiar with the obviously mentally ill man who had 7 previous alleged suicide attempts in Henderson. LVMPD also reported that doctors thought O’Bryan was a danger to himself and held him in a psych ward on 15 separate occasions.

The man was identified as 31-year-old Cody O’Bryan and there was an active parole and probation warrant for his arrest.

“He (the caller) was saying that Metro is going to shoot him or take him to jail. O’Bryan also indicated he had a pistol on his side with nine rounds,” noted Fasulo.

Officers said O’Bryan was too intoxicated to go to jail, so they took him to the UMC emergency room.

Police say a corrections officer dropped off a relief officer duty bag at the hospital, which included a taser, a radio, and leg restraints.

Officer Rybacki later briefly left the room, leaving the duty bag under a sink. While the officer was out of the room, O’Bryan got off the bed and removed the taser from the bag and placed it behind the bed and out of sight.

“O’Bryan pulled the taser out and initially pointed the taser at the security guard,” explained Fasulo. “Rybacki entered the room and O’Bryan pointed the taser in his direction. He gave verbal commands to drop the taser. He fired one round, striking O’Bryan one time.”

Watch the body camera video below via NBC3 Las Vegas:

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)