Video: San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies Violently Assault Man Face Down On The Ground

Outside a Food 4 Less store In Lemon Grove, CA, Sheriff’s deputies were caught on video repeatedly punching, kneeing, and kicking a man who was already being held face down on the walkway.

It is still unknown what began the detainment before the brutal Jan. 14 assault by police.

Deputies claim the man tried to tackle him, but when police act like this, they can clearly not be trusted, so their claims are not reliable. Witnesses say the man was compliant, even though he was beaten.

In the video, 2 officers hold down the man, who the cameraman speculates is likely homeless. The rest of the gang arrives and immediately runs up to assault the man who is still being held to the ground.

While beating the man, the officers cuss and scream at him, threatening to break his arm.

Watch the disturbing video below: