Video: Off-Duty NY Cop Shoots Romantic Rival In The Face, Plants Knife

An off-duty NYPD Sergeant has been placed on modified duty after being caught on video shooting a man in the face, then planting a knife on him as he laid on the ground.

The surveillance video clip shows Sgt. Ritchard Blake, assigned to the 109th precinct in Queens, apparently arguing with Thavone Santana in East New York around 5 a.m. on August 2, reported Fox News.

As the tension rises between the 2 men, Blake pulls out a gun and fires 2 times, knocking Santana to the ground.

According to The NY Post, sources said the unedited video shows Santana raising his hands before being shot.

“That type of behavior —- planting a weapon and shooting people —- creates public distrust in police and we don’t deserve it,” a high-ranking source said according to The Post.

The 40-year-old sergeant paces around for  few seconds before placing what police say was a knife next to Santana. He then appears to be talking on his cell phone, and picks up the knife just before the video stops.

When on-duty cops showed up, Blake lied, saying Santana tried to rob him.

The 2 men actually knew each other and had an ongoing dispute over a woman who shares a 10-year-old son with Blake. The unidentified woman also has other children and a prior arrest for prostitution.

Santana was shot in the jaw and had multiple surgeries , but is expected to survive.