Video: Mesa Officers Brutally Beat and Mock Unarmed Man


Newly released body camera video shows Mesa police officers holding down and punching an unarmed suspect during a January arrest, then mocking him while he laid on the ground at the hospital, covered in his own blood.

On January 28, Mesa police pulled over a car for driving without headlights while Jose Conde, 23, was in the passenger seat, reported CNN.

Police say an officer thought Conde was acting suspiciously, so he was ordered out of the car to be searched.

An officer allegedly found cocaine in Conde’s sock, and the situation escalated, with officers piling on top of Conde, who allegedly tried to punch an officer.

Body camera video appears to show officer Joseph Mis punching Conde, who appears to be handcuffed.

According to another officer’s report, the 23-year-old “continued to kick and flail” and “refused to follow commands”, prompting crews to “take him to the ground.”

An officer is heard telling Conde in the scuffle, “You picked the wrong people to fight, brother.”

“I didn’t fight you guys, dude,” Conde responded. “You guys just started punching me.”

Conde was also slammed into a brick wall during the beating.

Once officers were done beating him and he was in custody, Conde was taken to the hospital for his injuries. Police say he tried to escape while at the hospital, but officers caught him.

The officer can be heard Mocking Conde, saying, “Bless his little heart.” The officer then says, “Aww,” and tells the bloody, beaten man to “man up” while he is lying on the floor.

The Mesa Police Department released the following statement in response to the video:

“We have not received a complaint nor do we currently have an internal investigation concerning this incident. Based on your inquiry we are researching the incident.”

Conde and his attorney held a press conference about the incident: