Video: Cop Car Crosses The Road To Hit Indigenous Teen

New video footage has been released showing an Indigenous teenager being intentionally hit by an unmarked police cruiser that crossed the road and knocked him to the ground in West Australia.

The video contradicts the previous police statement saying the teen, William Farmer, 18, “collided” with the police car, reported NITV News.

In the footage below, Farmer can clearly be seen convulsing, apparently having a seizure, after being knocked down by the impact of the police vehicle.

The NY Times reported George Newhouse, an attorney for the family, said Farmer had no history of seizures prior to this incident, and he was seriously injured.

The victim was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

A policewoman in a yellow jacket slowly walks over to the victim as the officer that hit him gets out of his vehicle, rolls the seizing teen over, then handcuffs him.

“The WA police have one of the worst track records in this country for discrimination and prejudice against Aboriginal people,” Newhouse said. “The commissioner of police needs to come out with a very clear statement that violence against and harassment of Aboriginal people is not acceptable in his police force.”

Gerry Georgatos of the National Indigenous Critical Response Service seemed disgusted by how the officer intentionally hit Farmer.

“The first tranche of footage was alarming, however this footage from nearby the injured, in my view removes any doubt of human error. What the footage evidences is damning and the officers in question should be stood down,” he told NITV News.

The police story alleges the teen was wanted for questioning after someone in the area complained about “suspicious activity”. “ A scuffle ensued where one officer was injured” after Farmer was located. “The man fled on foot and was arrested a short time later on Wilfred Road after colliding with a police vehicle involved in the search,” WA police said in a statement.

The unidentified officer has been suspended pending an internal investigation.