Video: Baltimore Cop Harasses Man, Demands Identification, For Walking Into A Store

A Baltimore officer says he was just doing his job when he targeted a man simply walking into a store, and asked him for identification so he could check for warrants.

Baltimore County Officer H.R. Persuhn, saw John Holt Jr. in court recently, so he thought that gave him the right to stop him for no legitimate reason and harass him.

Holt was not doing anything suspicious and was not committing any crimes when the Persuhn harassed him.

He was simply walking into a store with his fiancee when the cop stopped him and demanded his identification.

Holt’s fiancee recorded the incident and he put it on his Facebook page.

“I think you may have a warrant,” Persuhn said. “Because I’ve dealt with you before.”

That is not a justifiable reason to stop a man and demand his identification.

The video shows the officer clearly harassing Holt, but Persuhn says he is simply doing his job.

“It’s not harassment, it’s called, I’m doing my job,” Persuhn said.

When Holt complained, Persuhn ordered him to lower his voice because he was causing a disturbance in the store. The video shows that Holt was not speaking much louder than the officer who was unlawfully detaining him.

At one point int he video, Persuhn gets in Holt’s face, apparently trying to escalate the situation, but Holt remained calm in the face of the agitator and stood his ground.

Watch the video.