Video: Arkansas Cops Assault 15-Year-Old, Break His Tooth, in Gas Station Restroom over a Marijuana Pipe

Police in Farmington, Arizona were recorded brutally beating and arresting a 15-year-old in a gas station restroom because he had a marijuana pipe in his pocket.

The teen’s friend couldn’t do much to stop the attack, but he was able to record Farmington police officers assault the teen.

On New Year’s Eve, the teen was in the bathroom of a Kum ‘N’ Go store with his friend, when he was approached by two police officers who demanded to know what the teen had in his pocket, reported Northwest Arkansas Lifestyle.

The teen originally denied having anything in his pocket, but he eventually admitted to having a marijuana pipe, and that is when the officers decided to beat the teen.

The cops apparently felt justified in their brutality because he did admit to having a pipe that can be purchased legally and it may have had marijuana residue, which is only legal in 29 states.

The Cops threw the kid against the bathroom wall—breaking out one of his teeth, when he pulled the pipe out of his pocket.

As is common in police brutality videos, the cops scream at their victim to “stop resisting” even though they are often not resisting.  The teen is clearly not resisting, but the officers scream at the injured kid anyway as he tries to explain that he already followed their command.

The teen got mouthy with the irrational cops who just kept needlessly screaming at him, so the officers threw him to the ground.

Then the cops get on top of him, smashing his face, with the freshly broken tooth, into the floor of the public restroom.

The 15-year-old calls the abusive cops ”pieces of sh**,” which apparently convinced the cops to cause even more pain based on the increase in screams from the injured victim.