Vegas Cop ‘Accidentally’ Shot Person At New Year’s Celebration

A Las Vegas police officer armed with a rifle accidentally shot someone on the Las Vegas Strip after the New Year’s celebration.

At 1:19 a.m. on Monday, the officer was moving barricades to open the street up to traffic in front of the Monte Carlo hotel and casino when his rifle fired, ricocheted off some concrete, and hit the victim in the calf, causing minor injuries. The victim was treated at the scene and did not go to the hospital, reported Fox 5 Vegas.

Police said 2 other people in the area also claimed they were hit with something, but they had no apparent injuries and did not receive treatment.

Police called it a “negligent discharge.”

Police have allegedly opened an internal investigation of the incident, but police say it is unlikely that the officer will be placed on administrative leave.

Officer Laura Meltzer also said it is unlikely that any documents or the officer’s name will be released to the public.

Phil Ramos, a retired Metro homicide detective, pointed out that it is strange and deceptive that the department did not report the case to the public or media. Instead, multiple sources gave tips to FOX5. Ramos said, in his opinion, the way Metro publicly handled the case does not look good.

“In the sense of transparency, if you have an officer who’s dealing with the public and there’s hundreds of thousands of people there, and a weapon goes off accidentally, I certainly believe that’s news worthy and should’ve been brought to someone’s attention,” Ramos said. “It’s unusual. It’s unusual that you’d have an incident like this that’s not reported. I’m curious to see why it wasn’t deemed news worthy.”

“The conspiracy theorists are going to be jumping up and down, and people are going to be saying, ‘What were you hiding? Why didn’t you report it?'” he added.

Ramos said he is confused as to how the gun could have possibly fired, but he does not believe the officer will face severe discipline.

” Guns don’t just go off by themselves,” Ramos said. “Negligent discharge? It absolutely could have been prevented… (rifles) are intentionally made with those built-in safeties in case you lock it or it’s bumped. In order for it to go off, the trigger had to be pulled in some manner.”