Utah Cops Kick In 80-Year-Old Woman’s Door, Say They Don’t Need a Warrant

Ogden police officers were just caught on video saying they can break into people’s houses without warrants, and it is up to their victims to get lawyers to prove it was unlawful.

Malik Dayo began filming the police after an elderly woman’s home was broken into by Ogden “gang taskforce” officers.

In Utah, the “gang taskforce” scheme allows police to target everyone from groups of teenagers who happen to be of non-Caucasian ethnicities, to white kids in the underground “hardcore” music scene. It’s been going on like this in Utah for decades.

Malik tells us “the Ogden City Police has a gang task force which is really a Chicano Mexican task force in disguise.”

He explains that “they went to this house of this 80-year-old woman . They entered through the gate of the property illegally with no search warrant. They kicked the door open.”

Once they were inside, all they found was “the elderly woman and her granddaughter, along with two great grand babies both under 3 years old.”

Malik says that the granddaughter told the officers they were not welcome inside without a warrant.

Eventually the officers went outside the house and stood on her property, even when they had been asked to leave. That’s when they made their entrance again, and attempted to bring someone into the house with handcuffs.

The family said that person the police were looking for does not live there and was not allowed into their home. The police didn’t care.

Instead, the police kept the individual they brought to the house sitting outside in cuffs, in spite of the fact that the person they were looking for had nothing to do with those who the police were victimizing.

The worst part about it all is that the police said they can do whatever they want – violate peoples rights – and it is really just up to us to prove that they broke the law.

Malik tells us the following:

That’s when I arrived and started filming and asking questions. I found out that they hadn’t had a warrant yet when I got there.

They said they were in the process of obtaining a warrant at that time.

An hour and a half later past and finally an officer shows up with the arrest warrant in hand.

Before this, nobody who was inside the house was allowed to leave. They were being detained illegally with no warrant and they would not allow anyone onto the property. The gentleman and the handcuffs was later released…

When the police were asked by a local Anonymous member and myself about him kicking the door down open he just responded that you’ll have to talk to an attorney.

Watch the video below and help SPREAD THE WORD!

(Article by M. David and Shante Wooten; image used for illustrative purposes)