University of Texas Police Disband Masked Torch-Toting White Supremacists Before Rally Starts

A gang of white supremacists were chased off campus by University of Texas police over the weekend, before they could kick off their rally.

The demonstrators, some masked and carrying torches, were ordered to leave shortly after midnight Friday by university police officers, reported Travis Gettys of Raw Story.

Officers said about two dozen demonstrators were lighting tiki torches on the Main Mall when police ordered them to remove their American flag masks and leave campus before the rally started.

Police notified students of the incident, and the university president also commented on the failed rally:

“The actions of white supremacists and other hate groups are completely anathema to UT’s values, and I abhor what they represent,” said Gregory Fenves, university president. “These are difficult times for our nation, with movements fueled by hatred increasingly taking root, as we saw in Charlottesville and elsewhere. We must continue to denounce these ugly, un-American ideas in the strongest terms.”

Fenves said the white supremacists violated policies against masks and open flames, and he said groups not affiliated with the university weren’t allowed to demonstrate on campus.

Police reported that none of the protesters were students.

“The actions of a hate group do not define us,” Fenves said. “They never will.”

According to Statesman, the unannounced demonstration occurred shortly before a scheduled protest at nearby Austin City Hall calling for the removal of President Donald Trump from office.

The Saturday protest consisted of about 40 anti-fascist protesters with anti-Trump signs, and about 75 pro-Trump demonstrators waving Confederate flags.

(Article By James Carter)