Unarmed Man Shot After Talking To Cop Who Came To His Door

John Geer bleeds to death after being shot in his doorway by a Fairfax County Police Officer. Geer had been standing, unarmed, with his hands his head on the doorframe, speaking with police officers for 50 minutes when one of them inexplicably fired one shot into his chest. When the SWAT team pushed into his house with an MRAP an hour later, John Geer was lying behind the door, dead.

It’s important to note that Geer committed no crime. The entire incident started when Geer’s partner, Maura Harrington, called the police to report that John was throwing her belongings out of the house. He’d become distraught after learning she was moving out and ending their relationship after 24 years. Harrington, one of Geer’s two teenage daughters, his father, and his best friend were all on site, watching as the unbelievable tragedy unfolded before them. They have watched and waited for nearly 17 months as the Fairfax County Police Department and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors have stonewalled all attempts to get even basic information regarding what happened that day.

They are finally closer to getting some answers. The Fairfax County judge presiding over the civil lawsuit filed by John Geer’s family, has given the Fairfax County Police Department 30 days to release“Documents related to the shooting of John Geer,” “Videos and other recordings of statements” and “Documents reflecting the identity and location of all FCPD officers at the incident.”

WJLA Channel 7 and NBC 4 Washington interviewed witnesses. They also obtained video of the incident. Watch the video below…

(Article by Mike Curtis and Moreh B.D.K.)