UNARMED Black Woman Beaten by Cops For Filming Her Husband’s Arrest

An African American woman was punched and tackled to the ground by two Caucasian police officers who didn’t like her filming them arresting her husband (see below for video).

The two Jacksonville, Florida policemen then stole the woman”s phone which had the recording of the incident, according to local NewsJax4.

Kelli Wilson recalls that she had gone to a local convenience store solely for the purpose of recording her husband being arrested, and to take their car.

But no sooner than she got there, officers began to demand her name, and ordered her – illegally – to put her phone away.

“I was beaten, and then falsely arrested, my phone was stolen, my car was taken. It was a traumatic experience. It was definitely an experience you never think you would be going through,” Wilson recalled.

The police thought they were in the clear. They confiscated her phone, but the video of her arrest was captured by the store’s surveillance cameras.

Those cameras recorded footage that clearly showed the unarmed Wilson having her phone grabbed by the officers. Immediately after they initiated force, one of the officers began punching her, while the other held her arms.

One of the officers demanded she stop filming, but Wilson asked him why she was being told to stop doing something that was completely legal.

“He asked for it, he demanded it again, and I gave him the same, ‘Why do you want my phone? What do you need my phone for?’ He told me he would punch me in my face,” Wilson recalled. “I eventually got punched and beaten and the sergeant that was on the scene joined in the beating.”

The police report claims that Wilson “repeatedly refused to identify herself”.

It also claims she was arrested for “interfering” with the arrest.

The video shows that is a lie.

The report also lies and claims that officers “believed she was reaching for a weapon.”

She is still technically in trouble, and has to go to court, but her lawyers say they think that the surveillance video will prove that she did nothing wrong.

“She was lucky for that video, because without it, I don’t think a judge or jury would believe her against three police officers,” attorney, Dexter Van Davis said.

Watch local report in the video from NewsJax4 below…

(Article by M. David and S. Wooten)