That Time When Tupac Shot Two Cops and Walked Free

Fans of hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur might know of references to him shooting police officers in his own song lyrics, as well as those of artists who came after him, like Eminem, who made reference to a 1993 shooting of two off-duty police officers.

Unlike many musicians, these lyrics were not simply artistic license or imaginative writing.

Two off-duty police officers, Mark and Scott Whitwell, were nearly hit by two vehicles as they crossed the street with their spouses.

A verbal altercation ensued, and the officers ended up pulling their guns and aiming them at the people in the cars.

One of the passengers was Tupac Shakur, who didn’t hesitate to draw his own firearm and shoot at the aggressors, who had illegally aimed their weapons at him.

Forensics said that three 9mm shell casings were discovered at the scene.

While Tupac was initially charged, the New Yorker later explained that “the charges were dropped when it emerged that the policemen had been drinking and had initiated the incident, and when the prosecution’s own witness testified that the gun one of the officers threatened Tupac with had been seized in a drug bust and then stolen from an evidence locker.”

Watch the video below about this incident…

Some people believe the police had him killed because he legally shot these cops and walked free.

Did you know about this incident?

(Article by Shante Wooten and M. David)