Texas Police Chief Creeped, Solicited and Stalked Teenage Girls For Sex

The chief of police in the Texas city of Maypearl is under investigation for “online solicitation of a minor” as well as related allegations of stalking teenage girls for sex.

Texas Rangers searched the chief’s home and office over the weekend.

The warrants issued for Maypearl Police Chief Kevin Coffey say that the 49-year-old went after girls ranging in age from 14 to 16.

The Ellis County District Attorney’s office, along with the Texas Rangers opened an investigation into the police chief after the family of one 16-year-old girl filed a formal complaint.

The warrant says that Coffey contacted the girl when she was only 14. He messaged her on Facebook, investigators said, then ended up contacting her every day for two years.

Many of those texts were so graphic that we have refrained from even quoting them here.

The chief even sent her a photo of himself holding a set of handcuffs. With the image was the message: “One of these days hahaha,” the Texas Rangers said.

The girl who he had been harassing told investigators that the chief was doing the same thing to at least five other girls her age, that she was aware of. There may have been even more, she said.

Following the raid, Texas Rangers said they took computers from Coffey’s, as well as from the Maypearl police department, where he had been doing a lot of the harassing from.

They also took his cellphones and even the police camera he wore on duty which apparently had some relevant data on it.

Mayor Adele Mooney told us that Coffey is currently on paid administrative leave, but he has not been fired, even though he has been caught with these images and messages, making it clear that he not only broke statutory laws, but also many laws and ordinances about sexual harassment, cyber stalking and abuse of his position as the chief of police.

Coffey, denied that he has been arrested, but said he would not comment on the raid.

“No member of this department including myself has been arrested,” he responded. “I am not sure where you got your tip but I think someone is pulling your leg.”

The chief’s Twitter profile reads: “I’m a single dad and police officer from New York now living in Texas, that enjoys meeting new people and making friends.”

(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David)