Surveillance Video Proves Cops Murdered Native American Man and Lied To Cover It Up

His dying words were “what’s wrong with you guys?” Thomas Morado was an eye-witness to the police execution of Paul Castaway, 35-year-old full-blooded rosebud Native American man.

Police initially tried to cover their tracks, saying that Castaway had “stabbed” his mother, and “charged” at officers with a knife.

“He didn’t stab me in the neck. He was drunk,” Lynn Eagle Feather explained.

“I told the cops he was mentally ill. He was schizophrenic. I called for help. I didn’t call for them to kill him,” Paul’s mother added.

Now couple her testimony that says the cops lied and she was never stabbed with the fact that she was never medically treated for a stab wound.

Now here’s the real game-changer: there is s surveillance video that shows the police were lying through their teeth. The only thing is, the manager of Capital City mobile home park has the video, but so far he will only let media and family watch it, though police say he made them a copy that is “part of an on-going investigation.”

He doesn’t trust the police enough to turn it over to them, as he knows it will somehow conveniently “disappear” if he gives it to them.

Those who have seen it say that it “shows Paul Castaway, 35, coming up from behind a white mobile home, through a black iron fence onto the street and around a wooden fence, which is a dead end,” according to local Fox 31 Denver.

The officer shoots Paul, on the video, while Castaway has only threatened himself. No police, no family, no anyone else was threatened besides himself.

The police lied. They lied to cover up an execution.

“We will miss him. We’ll miss him,” Castaway’s cousin, Thomas Morado said.

His family gathered at the spot where Paul was murdered, to pay their respects and burn white sage to send him off in a traditional manner.

“He was probably trying to figure out a place to run. And they didn’t let him go. They trapped him like a mouse and they killed him,” Rick Morado, Paul’s cousin said.

Denver police claimed Castaway charged two officers with a knife, and they had “no choice” but to shoot him. We now know that is a lie.

“Next thing, we heard three shots. I walked outside and I saw two officers handcuffing a man,” a neighbor, Irvin told local reporters.

Watch the local report from KDVR below…

“Either way, these cameras going to tell,” Rick Morado said, pointing to surveillance cameras outside the management office.

“We don’t like the fact we lost another brother in the Native American community. It’s really a sad day for us,” Thomas Morado said.

(Article by M. David)