Supreme Court Gives Death Penalty Reprieve, Citing Racist Juror

A Georgia man has escaped the death penalty, at least for now.

The Supreme Court gave the Georgia death row inmate hope for a different fate Monday because at least 1 of his jurors was openly racist, reported USA Today.

The court ruled 6-3 that convicted murderer Keith Tharpe should get anther chance to prove he does not deserve to be killed after one of his white jurors called him a “n—–” and was proud to be openly racist against black people.  How could this man even be allowed on the jury to begin with?

Time Magazine also noted several other very disturbing beliefs and actions Gattie is proud of:

  • There is a difference between “good black folks” like the victims Tharpe murdered and “niggers.”
  • He owned a store and routinely kicked “niggers” out of it.
  • He voted for the death penalty because he thinks Tharpe is a “nigger.”
  • If Nicole Brown Simpson hadn’t married a “nigger” (O.J. Simpson), she would still be alive.
  • He often “wondered if black people even have souls.”
  • Some of the jurors wanted Tharpe to serve as “an example for other blacks who kill blacks.”

The 11th Circuit Court had this information, but they intended to have Tharpe executed anyway.

But on Sept. 26, 2017, Tharpe’s scheduled day of execution, the Supreme Court stopped it and ordered the 11th Circuit to review the information again. In a 5-4 Supreme Court decision, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote:

Where a juror makes a clear statement that indicates he or she relied on racial stereotypes or animus to convict a criminal defendant, the Sixth Amendment requires that the no impeachment rule give way in order to permit the trial court to consider the evidence of the juror’s statement and any resulting denial of the jury trial guarantee.

The ruling does not guarantee Tharpe will not be executed. But at least they will re-examine the case and hopefully he will get fair, non racist people making the decision this time.