Sheriff’s Dept. Said Shooting Can’t Be Terrorism Because Everyone in Town Is White

Apparently, if you are white in Townville, S.C., you are incapable of committing terrorism.

The definition of “Domestic Terrorism” given by the FBI is “the unlawful use, or threatened use, of force or violence by a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States or Puerto Rico without foreign direction committed against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Captain Garland Major at a press conference following a school shooting that killed a six-year-old and wounded several others has stated that since the perpetrator and all victims were white, terrorism wasn’t at play.

As Rika Christensen of writes:

A teen opened fire at an elementary school in Townville, S.C., wounding a teacher and two students after allegedly killing his father. (One student has since succumb to their injuries) The shooter is in custody, and the sheriff’s department gave a brief press conference as per usual for shootings like this. However, when discussing whether this could be called terrorism, Captain Garland Major gave a frankly disgusting reason for why this couldn’t be terrorism:

“The students were both white males. The teacher was a white female. The shooter is a white male. There is no racial undertone, no terrorism involved.”

Oh really. It’s only terrorism when it’s, who, Muslims? Brown people in general? Them, in other words? Whether a violent act is terrorism depends partly on the reason it was carried out, not who carried it out. This shooter was 14 years old with no known relationship to his victims. Was it terrorism? We don’t know, but it’s racist as all hell to say “they were white, so it’s not terrorism.”

I would have to agree with Rika on this one. To allude to the fact that Whites cannot commit terrorism is revealing this officer’s racial bias, and surely he is not alone.

This school shooting and all others for that matter should be treated as terror events, they do, after all, fit all the necessary qualifications as per the FBI’s own definition.

Why is it that it seems that acts of terror are only labeled as suck if the perpetrator is Muslim or Brown?

If you didn’t think racial bias in law enforcement existed, you can watch it occur before your very eyes in the video clip below.

Update, 11/8: Here is a Statement from Anderson County Sheriff’s Office:

Our agency has received some comments and messages on our Facebook page as a result of your blog post “Sheriff’s Dept. Said Shooting Can’t Be Terrorism Because Everyone In Town Is White” from NOVEMBER 1, 2017. Your headline, while certainly eye-catching and inflammatory, is rather deceptive. The incident to which your blog refers happened more than a year ago under a previous Sheriff’s administration. The 15 second sound bite you use was from a press conference on the day of a school shooting incident at Townville Elementary School, an extremely tragic day for our county. The individual who made the comments (Captain Garland Major) is not and has not been employed with our agency since shortly after these comments were made. We appreciate your concerns and wholly support your right to express your opinion; however, please understand that those comments in no way reflect the views or opinions of the current Sheriff or his administration.

Stephen Combs
Media Relations & Digital Communications Coordinator
Anderson County Sheriff’s Office (South Carolina)

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)