Sheriffs Caught EXECUTING UNARMED Man Then Planting Gun On Him

Absolutely horrifying and disturbing cellphone video has been released in California. It shows Los Angeles County Sheriffs deputies executing an unarmed man – shooting him in the back of the head – and then planting a gun on him.

The fatal shooting by the deputy took the life of Noel Aguilar in Long Beach.

The murder took place when Aguilar was riding his bike near 69th Way and Long Beach Boulevard.

It was at that time that two Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies bullied him for wearing headphones.

After attacking the innocent 23-year-old, he fled on foot, the deputies murdered him.

“During that handcuffing process, Mr. Aguilar broke free and he grabbed onto one of the deputy’s guns,” LA Sheriff’s Department spokesman Lt. Steve Jauch said in an interview with local NBC4-TV.

The OC Weekly tells us the following:

Cellphone footage obtained by the Weekly starts rolling when deputies on top of Aguilar after the foot chase. “Is it a gun?” deputy Albert Murade asks his partner Jose Ruiz. “It’s a gun, it’s a gun,” Ruiz responds. “You fucking move, I’m going to kill you bitch,” Ruiz tells Aguilar. The two deputies attempt to cuff Aguilar when he wiggles his hand free. Aguilar tries to get up, holding on to the gated fence nearby. Moments later, after a gunshot rings out, deputy Murade screams and says he has just being shot in the stomach. “I didn’t shoot nobody,” Aguilar says.

After more struggling, Aguilar turns to his side and asks why deputy Ruiz has pulled out his gun out. The deputy then fires a shot into Aguilar’s stomach. His partner quickly reaches for his own gun and fires three shots at Aguilar. The deputies can be heard saying to each other that Aguilar had tried to grab a hold of their weapons. Authorities said that Aguilar’s gun had been recovered from the scene.

“The first shot is not justified because the victim is very vulnerable, he’s on his side,” Angel Carrazco, one of the attorneys representing Aguilar’s mother and child, said to the Weekly. “The other three shots from the back, every single one of those is unjustified. For me, it seems like it’s murder.”

Watch the video below…

Brian Sumner of Cop Block found the document below, which the organization says “details the May 26th, 2014 shooting of Noel Aguilar. Not surprisingly, unless you watched the video, the officer’s were cleared of any wrongdoings.”

Read it and weep…

NOEL AGUILAR Wrongful Death Report

(Article by M. David and Reagan Ali)