Secret NYPD Files: Officers Can Lie in Court and Viciously Beat Innocent People and Still Keep Their Jobs

Secret files leaked from the New York Police Department revealed that hundreds of officers committed horrible acts, including lying to grand juries, stealing from and assaulting innocent civilians, and they kept their jobs and their criminal power over the people of New York.

An anonymous source leaked the documents to BuzzFeedwho fact checked the information by making more than 100 phone calls, interviewing prosecutors, reviewing court records and even visiting officers’ homes.

The documents indicated that at least 50 employees allegedly lied on official reports or under oath and 38 were found guilty of using excessive force by an internal police tribunal.

57 were also found guilty of DUI, and 71 were charged with “ticket-fixing” for their friends or family. One officer even threatened to murder someone. At least 24 were assigned to schools and inappropriately touched students or sold drugs in schools.

BuzzFeed noted that officer Raymond Marrero brutally beat a man with his police baton because the victim allegedly insulted him in 2009. The man ended up in the hospital with 12 staples to close his wounds. Marrero was also accused of falsely arresting another victim, assaulting a 3rd victim, and fabricating evidence against another person. In 2008, Marrero also repeatedly punched a victim in the head over a parking ticket. That officer did not lose his $120,000 a year job as a patrol officer from this string of vicious crimes, but he had to give up 45 vacation days.

All of the officers in these secret files who faced disciplinary hearings kept their jobs, only being assigned “dismissal probations” by police commissioners, making them ineligible for promotion.  The probation period typically lasted a year, according to the documents.

Buzzfeed reported that these incriminating documents were kept out of the public record by using the “personal records” excuse.

New York, Delaware, and California, are the only states that have laws to allow police departments to hide the wickedness of the officers that are supposed to be protecting people.

“The department is not interested in terminating officers that don’t need to be terminated. We’re interested in keeping employees and making our employees obey the rules and do the right thing,” Kevin Richardson, deputy commissioner of the department advocate’s office, told BuzzFeed News in a statement. “But where there are failing that we realize this person should be separated from the department, this police commissioner and the prior police commissioner have shown a willingness to do that,” he added.