Sacramento Police Conduct Training In Private Home Without Permission

A Sacramento homeowner has filed a complaint against the Sacramento Police Department after catching officers conducting a training exercise in his home.

According to KCRA 3, police responded after receiving a call from a neighbor because the front door had been left open for several hours.

Police cleared the house and found no one inside, so they apparently decided to conduct a training exercise which lasted about 15 minutes.

When the homeowner arrived home, he found scuff marks on the walls and his dog gate was broken, so he checked the surveillance video.

“I thought I was robbed,” he told KCRA 3.

The homeowner said the door did not latch correctly, and that is why it was left open.

The video shows officers enter the home with guns drawn, searching through the main level, upstairs, and garage. The officers then leave for about 1 minute, and come back in, lightly kicking the front door open.

The officers then walk throughout the house, talking, and apparently training.

“If I didn’t have security cameras, I would have never known,” the homeowner said. “I would have been left with the thought that somebody was in my house.”

Watch part of the surveillance video below:

The Sacramento Police Department said the incident is under investigation.

Defense Attorney and legal expert Bill Portanova says it is perfectly legal for officers to train in a private home without permission.

“There’s nothing illegal about it… the officers did not break any laws here whatsoever. The entire incident lasts a few minutes. They never really cleared the scene,” Portanova said.