‘Resist White Supremacy’: Virginia Farmers Face Criticism For Taking A Stand

A family farm in Northern Virginia has been using its roadside sign to take stands on causes it believes in, now they are facing criticism for NOT supporting white supremacy.

A recent message from Cox Farms in Centreville, VA reads, “RESIST WHITE SUPREMACY.”

“We sincerely believe that fighting injustice and white supremacy is a responsibility that can- and should- unite us all,” Cox Farms said in a Facebook post. “We struggle to see how anyone other than self-identified white supremacists would take this as a personal attack.”

Cox Farms says it has faced criticism over messages on the sign in the past. The farm says people were offended by messages it posted in support of Muslims and immigrants. People were also offended on Facebook because of a Black Lives Matter sign, but no Blue Lives Matter sign.

“You’re right, Shannon — we do not support ‘Blue Lives Matter,’” Cox Farms replied. “Like Misty explained, police lives are already and by default valued in our society. Black lives are not, so we believe that a declaration that Black Lives Matter is necessary and important.”

Another social media user alleged the sign was divisive and forced “black supremacy” on passersby, but of course the farm owners pointed out that is illogical.

“Lisa, when we talk about white supremacy, we’re referring to a systemic racism that is much deeper and more pervasive than any individual or group could be,” Cox Farms said. “Black people do not have the institutional power in our society to benefit from so-called ‘black supremacy.’ It just doesn’t work like that.”

“We’re not seeking to alienate folks who have different perspectives on tax reform or infrastructure spending,” Cox Farms said. “But when it comes to speaking out against systems of oppression and injustice, we see it as our moral responsibility to use our position of privilege and power, along with the tools of our trade and the platforms available to us, to engage visibly and actively in the fight for justice. Our roadside sign messages are one small way we do this.”