Reporter Violently Taken Down, Arrested For Trying To Film GOP Candidate Ed Gillespie

A reporter working for Shareblue Media was arrested at a parade in Annandale, Virginia after attempting to film Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie’s campaign vehicle.

Video of the dispute and arrest of Mike Stark start with a police officer demanding that he stop filming the vehicle and move further away from the road.

Stark can then be heard saying, “f–k this,” before an officer pulls the man’s arms behind his back to arrest him.

After pushing him against a fence and twisting his arm behind his back in a way that seems to be meant to simply be cruel, an officer pulls Stark’s leg out from under him while the other officer pushes him to the ground. Then the 2 officers attempt to pin him down and attempt to place his arms behind his back.

The victim does not want his face to smash into the sidewalk, so he protects himself from the police.

“You have your weight on top of me,” Stark can be heard saying, as 4 other officers run to the scene. “I cannot give you my hand.”

The group of officers then corral Stark, with knees smashed into his neck and back, and attempt to handcuff him. Stark can be heard grunting and telling officers that he can’t lift his hand from underneath him, which is understandable with several cops on top of him.

After Stark is placed in handcuffs, he is seen being turned over onto his side and told that he was arrested for using profanity, which one of the officers said was in violation of county code 511. According to Shareblue, Stark was ultimately charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He was released on a $3,000 bond.

(Article By James Carter)