Radio Announcer’s Racist High School Basketball Game Commentary: ‘Espanol People’ Should ‘Go back where they came from’

Racist comments from an Iowa radio announcer at a high school basketball game have gone viral.

The game was between Forest City High School and Eagle Grove high School, reported WHOTV. The exchange is between longtime announcer for Forest City, Orin Harris, and a producer.

The two make derogatory comments, which are apparently funny to them, about the ethnicities of the opposing team’s players and names. Specifically, the men refer to them as the “Espanol people in Eagle Grove.”

He reads the names and speculates that some are not “foreigners” and have been here for a while because of their first names.

Harris then goes on to say, “As (President), Trump would say, go back where they came from.”

KOIW station had “no comment” about the situation and they also refused to confirm whether or not Harris is still employed.

The video was posted to Facebook by Eagle Grove resident Betty Jo Willard.

“This is absolutely appalling!!” she wrote on Facebook. “This is why our country is failing!! How dare them talk about our Eagle Grove kids like this!! Shame on them!!”

Watch video below: