Police Refuse To Lock Up Racist Who Threatened To Murder Black Family With Shovel

If someone threatens to murder you – brandishing a weapon that could be used to inflict serious or lethal harm – you would think that the police would lock them up, right?

For one family, that has proven to not be the case.

Their family reunion camp-out turned ugly after a group of racists threatened to murder them with a shovel. They also called the family racial slurs family reunions, during their murderous tirade. But in spite of it all, the aggressor is free after police responded to the scene and released the man after a brief discussion with him.

No charges have been filed.

The Allen family says that they were camping at Rollins Lake in Northern California, when a group of racists moved in on their camping space, trying to intimidate and threaten them.

Kanisha Allen told local Fox40 News that the “rowdy” group constantly stared the African American campers down, and then began making racist comments.

“We let it roll off our backs,” Kanisha Allen explained.

That was until one of the white campers yelled: “f*cking n****rs,” at the family, according to Fox40.

Instead of lashing out at them, the Allens family got campsite employees and asked for them to speak to the racists. But the racist campers attacked the employees as well.

“Whatever was said infuriated the main aggressor of the group, and all you hear is him saying the “n” word, I’m going to kill you F-ing Ns,” Kanisha said to Fox40.

That’s when he literally charged at the African American family with a shovel.

Some of the incident was caught on cell phone video. In it, a man can be heard stating, “just go back to your camp site and be safe.” Another responds, “I got it.”

Allen said, “I have a 9-month-old daughter, and I grabbed her and the only thing that I could think of was, you need to go down the ravine and hide next to the water because we didn’t know what was happening.”

Kanisha’s mother who is in her 60s, was knocked down or fell during the incident, resulting in cuts and bruises to her face.

The Allens called the police, hoping to have this violent man who threatened to murder them arrested and locked up. But in spite of the police showing up, nothing was done. The man faces no charges.

“We had expressed that we feared for our lives, you know, and still nothing was done at that point,” Kanisha said.

Campsite officials informed Fox40 that they banned the racist family from the campsite and apologize to teh Allens for what they experienced. But while everyone else can see that a criminal incident happened here, the police apparently cannot.

Watch the local report from Fox40 in the video below…

(Article by M. David and S. Wooten)