Police Refuse To Arrest Sheriff Commander Who Raped Deputy and Gave Her STDs

A female Sheriff’s deputy has come forward to expose her commanding officer, who raped her while they were on duty.

The Tunica County Sheriff’s Office fired Commander Eugene Bridges, as a result of the allegations. The Mississippi police agency has not commented directly on the allegations, according to local WMC-TV.

The local television station obtained a copy of the complaint that alleges that Bridges raped the deputy at various locations while on duty.

The victim, whose name has remained unidentified publicly, says that she was told she would be fired if she did not comply with him.

She also says in the complaint that Bridges infected her with a sexually transmitted disease.

While the department would not comment directly on the allegations, they did make a general statement during a  news release.

The sheriff’s office said that it “does not condone sexual or workplace harassment” and that they are “investigating” what they said are “several” employees for having carried out what they would only say are “possible violations of department policy,” according to LocalMemphis.com.

Bridges has still not been charged criminally.