Police Refuse To Arrest Man Who Shot Teen In the Back Over New Years Eve Prank

An Oklahoma man who who shot an unarmed 14-year-old boy in the back will not face arrest, police sources say.

The teen was shot in the back while he was playing a prank game of “ding-dong ditch” on New Year’s Eve.

Local NewsOne 6 was told by police that Cole Peyton explained that he and two friends were ringing doorbells and running away after midnight on New Year’s Eve.

But one homeowner came to the door and shot the teen in the back, and in the arm as the teen tried to run with his friends.

The boy was an honor student, and had no criminal record.

The gunman told the police it was a “home invasion” – but police quickly learned it was nothing of the sort.

“We saw three kids walking down by the newer houses. It was kind of odd, but didn’t think anything of it,” neighbor Samantha Perry said. “I mean, that’s just kids being kids right there, I don’t think there should’ve been anything like that involved.”

The police confirmed that there was no evidence any of the youths were trying to break into any homes.

“Currently, the investigation suggests that the juveniles were engaged in neighborhood pranks and not attempting to break into the residence,” Chief of Police Steven W. Lemmings said. “The investigation now centers around whether the homeowner’s use of deadly force was lawful or illegal. No arrests have been made at this point.”

So why was no one charged in this shooting? The youth had never entered anyone’s home. He had not broken into the man’s house – but the police are saying they man was within his rights to open fire on a fleeing 14-year-old who had done nothing other than ring his doorbell as a New Years Eve prank!

Watch the local report from NewsOne 6 below…

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(Article by M. David)