Police Hogtie and Kill Unarmed Asthmatic Father, All Over ‘Disorderly Conduct’ Charge

Police in Mississippi decided to “lay down the law” when a Tennessee man with asthma was accused of a minor misdemeanor of “disorderly conduct” at a music concert.

The man died after being hogtied and slammed facedown by police.

“A witness heard him tell police that he could not breathe,” attorney Tim Edwards said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

Edwards said that the man in the video below is Troy Goode, 30, who was a chemical engineer, a husband and father from Cordova, Tennessee.

Edwards explained what happened as follows:

According to Edwards, Goode and his wife attended a Saturday concert in Southaven, Mississippi. The couple was driving away from the concert venue when Goode exited the vehicle near a local shopping center.

“He was intoxicated and his wife was driving,” Edwards said. “He was acting erratically and got out of the car for reasons unknown.”

Goode’s behavior prompted someone to call the Southaven Police Department. When officers arrived on the scene, Goode allegedly resisted arrest.

“He opened the back door to the K9 police car,” witness Ashley Dunlap told Localmemphis.com. “The officers had to tame the dog and keep the dog under control and then the man starts running … so the police officers had to run after him.”

Goode — who, according to Edwards, had asthma and carried an inhaler — was arrested for disorderly conduct. For reasons not yet clear, Goode was hogtied by officers and placed facedown on a stretcher belonging to a responding ambulance, the lawyer said.

In the video, a bystander can be heard saying, “They’ve hogtied him. That’s such a bad idea.”

Another witness said “video it, just in case he dies.”

Two hours after he was transported to the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

“That’s what we know at this point,” Edwards said. “Troy was totally out of contact from the time he was taken by police to the announcement of his death.”

Read the Troy Goode Press Release below…

Troy Goode Press Release

The Southaven Police Department have refused to answer any questions about this murder.

A spokesperson for the department had previously told local Fox13 News that “the department suspects” that Goode was “under the influence of LSD or something similar.”

But Edwards says “there was no threat to any police officer. He weighed 160 pounds. He was a small guy.”

“We want to know what happened before we jump into any type of legal action,” the family’s attorney said.

(Article by Jackson Marciana)