Police Handcuff Man Who Was ‘Not Under Arrest’, Then Taser Him 20 Times Until He Died

A newly-released video shows police killing a Virginia man while in police custody, even though he was shackled and actually told by officers that he was “not under arrest” (video below).

The officers who arrived and cuffed him said that they were going to take him to the hospital. The affirmed over and over that he was “not under arrest.”

In spite of this, they denied him medical treatment, according to breaking information obtained Wednesday.

Linwood (Ray) Lambert, 46, was a construction worker, and he had committed no crime whatsoever. Lamber was “not arrested” by officers from the South Boston, Virginia police department.

While that happened some time ago, the video of the incident was obtained recently. That video confirmed the Lambert family’s worst fears about Ray’s death.

Police say that they had a noise complaint from the Super 8 Motel where Lambert was staying.

Once they got there, they heard him talking about “dead bodies.”

He seemed mentally unstable, or perhaps on something. But the officers found no evidence of drug use. Being mentally unstable is not grounds to be detained, cuffed or taken away by police officers.

Still, they put him in their police cruiser to take to the nearby hospital.

Officers Tiffany Bratton, Clifton Mann and Travis Clay stuffed Lambert into a cruiser. But when they arrived at the hospital, Lambert panicked and kicked out the cruiser window. Lambert apparently did not understand why he was being taken away in cuffs, since he had done nothing wrong whatsoever.

Lambert made a run for the safety of the hospital itself. But officers tasered him at the entrance.

“Every time you get up, I’m going to pop you,” Officer Bratton said on the video, obtained by MSNBC.

“I’m going to light you up again – roll over, roll over, turn over!” Bratton continued.

Once back in the cruiser, officers began tasering him for everything – even slouching in his seat.

“Act like you got some sense,” an officer said.

“Sit up or I’m going to tase you again,” another officers said.

Records from the Taser corporation log that Lambert was hit 20 times over a 30-minute span. Federal guidelines say that is easily enough voltage to cause death.

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(Article by M. David and Shante Wooten; image by #Op309 Media)