Police Handcuff 7-Year-Old Child For ‘Acting Out’ In Elementary School

Police were caught on video handcuffing a 7-year-old elementary school student, Caden, who was diagnosed with ADHD.

Chrystal McCadden, Caden’s mother, acknowledges that sometimes her son can be hyper in class.

She was called to come pick him up from Brownell STEM Academy, for what was described as “unruly behavior.”

But when she arrived at the school she was shocked and disturbed to see that her son was being detained in handcuffs.

The tiny 7-year-old was standing in the hallway alone, with his hands cuffed behind his back.

When Chrystal arrived, the officer told her he couldn’t find the keys to the handcuffs – thus requiring the young boy to remain in handcuffs even longer.

Local ABC 13, in Flint, Michigan reported that the officer threatened to arrest the boy if he didn’t sit down in class – an act that, while defiant, is not a criminal offense.

Police later claimed the boy was cuffed “for his own protection” – from himself!

After local media began covering the report Flint Police Chief, James Tolbert, contacted local NBC news to respond, “I have apologized to the mother for this situation and assured her that we will protect the integrity of this investigation and will be transparent in our findings. It is our model to engage children in a positive light that will foster trust and respect, this incident does not reflect positively on that model.”

What do you think? Was the cop justified, or are police and schools just criminalizing normal child hood behaviors?

(Article by M. David and Jackson Marciana)