Police Brutally Arrest 15-Year-Old For Defending His Mom From Bully Cop

Police in St. Paul, Minnesota slammed a 15-year-old to the concrete and brutally arrested him after he defended his mother from bullies.

The kid stood up for his mother when a police officer talked to her disrespectfully, and mocked her weight.

The arresting officer claimed the teen was “resisting arrest.” He was later charged with “disorderly conduct” and his mother was arrested for “suspicion of obstructing legal process.”

Alex Weston, a friend who was at the same church picnic recorded the incident on his cell phone.

He says that this was a clear case of police misconduct.

He used a cellphone to record video of some of the incident. He said he wants to draw attention to a case he regards as police misconduct and to seek answers.

St. Paul Police Chief Thomas Smith says that he “has seen the video, he’s aware of the situation, he’s aware of the community concern around it,” police spokesman Steve Linders relayed.

They added that the department is “reviewing what happened leading up to what was caught on video, what happened during the part that is on video and what happened afterward.”

St. Paul police Officer Joel Johnston arrested 15-year-old Tyree Tucker and his mother, Edna Waddle. Tucker’s 11-year-old brother, Tyrell Tucker, explained that the family had been at a church picnic when they had been attending the picnic for their church, St. Paul Fellowship.

A child who was not part of the gathering had grabbed a stick and attacked Tyrell. Tyrell grabbed a stick himself and hit him back.

Police showed up. Guess what happened?

Instead of resolving the conflict, the police escalated the situation to an even more aggressive and violent level.

“He said, ‘Just get your (expletive) kid and get out of here,’ ” Waddle said, adding that she was flabbergasted. “He was like, ‘What kind of (expletive) mother are you? You’ve got your fat (expletive) up at the (expletive) picnic table eating at the buffet when your son just assaulted somebody.’ ”

Tyree was not happy that the bully cop was making fun of his mother’s weight.

“Don’t say that to my mother. You’re an officer. We’re going to get your badge number and have a complaint pulled on you.”

The officer said “You’re under arrest,” but Tyree rightly said, “I’m not because I didn’t do anything. … You can’t put your hands on me,” as he moved away from the officer.

Tyree is under 5 feet 3 inches tall and thin. He said the burly officer slammed him against a tree and then to the ground, with his arm around Tyree’s neck.

Was this necessary? Was it legally justified? Let us know what you think and help us get the word out about this disturbing incident of police brutality.

(Article by M. David and S. Wooten)