Pizza Deliveryman Shot Multiple Times by Police Receives $4,400,000 Settlement

A Philadelphia man who still has bullet fragments in his brain and suffers from a seizure disorder after being unlawfully gunned down by police has agreed to a $4.4 million dollar settlement with the city.

Philippe Holland, a pizza delivery wan- was walking back to his car after having dropped off an order when he was approached by plain clothes officers who wrongfully profiled him and opened fire with no just cause.

As reported in The Root when the shooting occurred:

“So with his hoodie up and hands in his pockets he trekked back toward his car from the house when the two men—plainclothes officers—stopped him. What happened next is what Philadelphia police are saying may have been a misunderstanding.

Holland’s car was riddled with bullets, three of which hit the 20-year-old in his neck, leg and head. He was left in critical condition at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

“As I understand it, they asked the male to stop. The male, in quick fashion, got in his car and he drove at a high rate of speed towards the officers. The officers then discharged out of fear for their lives,” Deputy Police Commissioner Richard Ross told CBS 3, adding that the two officers had identified themselves as police. However, police added that Holland may have believed he was being mugged.”

City lawyers called the events “unfortunate” and “regrettable” in announcing the settlement Friday. At the time of the shooting, then-Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey apologized, visiting the then-20-year-old at the hospital.

In addition to the settlement, the city has agreed to new training policies for plainclothes officers. However, ” back in 2014, then-police spokesman Lt. John Stafford said that policy guidelines already in place instructed officers not to fire into moving vehicles “unless deadly physical force is being used against the officer or another person … by means other than the moving vehicle.”” which means the officers involved in this should have had the appropriate training to diffuse a situation like Holland’s. There was no need for the excess (and potentially deadly) force which left a young man permanently injured. In addition to the settlement, the city should have discharged the officers, as this is a clear case of racial profiling, misuse of power, and complete negligence on the officer’s part.

Do you think the settlement of $4.4 million is sufficient justice for Mr Holland? If you don’t agree, what do you think would have been? Let us know in the comment section below.

(Article by Tasha Sharifa)