Pastor Seeks Prayers After He Allegedly Broke Into Hotel And Raped Underage Child From China

Even though he was caught on surveillance video around the hotel and outside the girls’ room, a pastor who allegedly raped an underage child in Covina, California posted a video declaring his innocence.

Raw Story reported that Police are searching for Pastor Douglas Rivera of God’s Gypsy Christian Church in Glendale. Police say he masturbated in his truck outside a hotel as he watched two girls, ages 10 and 12, before walking into their room and forcing one of the girls to perform oral sex on him.

“I did not do nothing wrong,” Rivera claimed in a video he posted online Friday.

“I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Something happened in that hotel, and that’s the simple answer,” Rivera claimed.

“I’ve just finished with my lawyer,” he added. “I am going to jail on Wednesday, with the lawyer, to submit myself so they could continue their investigation. There is absolutely no truth to that. No matter what you see on the Instagram or the TV, there is no truth to it.”

“I love you Los Angeles. Please, keep me in prayer,” Rivera concluded. “God will take his truth out. I love you.”

Rivera was determined to be the suspect after surveillance images showed him as the person outside the children’s hotel room.

The unfortunate victims were on a field trip from China.

According to police, Rivera “forced his way into the room once the minors opened the door believing it was their chaperone.”

Residents who lice near Rivera’s church admitted to KABC that the congregation is often drunk, wild and confrontational.

“The character of this pastor – I’ve never seen anyone like him. He seemed violent, he didn’t seem like a pastor…they seem more like gangsters, you know, than people of faith.”

Watch the video below: