Pastor Says Women In Yoga Pants ‘Partially Deserve Rape’

In an interview, a preacher who goes by the name “Brother Dean Samuel” claimed that women who dress a certain way are “asking” for rape.

Even though this popular belief has been widely challenged and debunked by studies and crime reports, in an interview with Vice, University of Arizona student Dean Saxton, defended his misogynistic position.

Scholars and experts in the field of criminal justice and psychology have concluded that this assumption is complete nonsense. The Arizona pastor, “Brother Samuel,” however, has been pushing the message that women who wear yoga pants “deserve” to be raped.

Brother Samuel got some press last month protesting a documentary about Linor Abargil 1998 Miss World Pageant winner who happens to be rape survivor.

“She is a beauty pageant contestant and there’s a lot of provocative, you know, seductive pictures of her that she has put out of herself,” Saxton-Samuel explained. “I believe that if she was at home, and if she had kept to her Orthodox Jewishness, that rape would really probably would not have happened.”

At the protest, he held up an offensive sign stating, “You Deserve Rape.” He told women passing by that they must “give up your immodest clothing!” Furthermore, he claimed unequivocally that “yoga pants are sin.”

“One street preacher said, you know, if you dress like it, you act like it, different things like that, you’re asking for it. Therefore, you deserve rape. And his last three words I felt like were nice, and I decided to put them on a sign, and go to the event.”

“I believe there are certain qualities that may be worthy of rape,” he continued. “If a woman dresses proactively, gets blackout drunk, and is wearing really revealing clothing, then I would say that she is partially responsible for the rape.”

As crazy as all of this sounds, we’ve got it all on video below. Watch it for yourself…

(Article by Jackson Marciana)