Ohio Officer Who Fatally Shot John Crawford III Will Not Be Charged

In a huge failure of the justice system, a killer cop will face no charges for killing an innocent man because they, “can’t prove the officer violated the slain man’s civil rights.” It doesn’t matter that the surveillance video proves the victim did nothing wrong. This case proves once again that black lives really do not matter when it comes to police and the justice system.

According to the Justice Department, the Ohio police officer who fatally shot a black Walmart shopper holding an air rifle in a non threatening way while in an aisle by himself did not violate federal civil rights laws.

You can see the video below that shows the man being killed around the 1:30 mark:

Beavercreek Police Officer Sean Williams, already cleared in a criminal investigation of the August 2014 shooting death of John Crawford III, will not be charged with any federal offenses, officials said in announcing the conclusion of their investigation, reported The Dayton Daily News.

“This investigation revealed that the evidence is insufficient to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Officer Williams violated federal civil rights laws,” the Justice Department and U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District Ohio said in a statement. The offices “will not pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against Officer Williams.”

Crawford, 22, picked up an air rifle and carried it around, but even if it was a real gun it would not be illegal because Ohio is an open carry state.  This prompted Ronald Ritchie to call 911 and lie, saying Crawford was loading a real rifle and pointing it at children in the store. Ritchie was indicted for his false report.

Store surveillance video above shows Crawford casually walking around the store with the toy gun in one hand while talking on his cell phone. Crawford is then fatally shot by Williams.

A grand jury who saw the surveillance video somehow decided the officer did not do anything wrong by sneaking up and shooting the innocent man. This is outrageous and is not acceptable.  Crawford’s family deserves justice. This killer cop cannot just get to walk free after killing an innocent person.  Blue privilege cannot be allowed to prevail over justice.