Ohio Mayor Who “Dedicated Life To Christ” Admits He Raped 4-Year-Old, Says She Was “willing” and “consented” to Molestation

A former Hubbard, Ohio Mayor, Richard Keenan, molested a child and then blamed the victim for the sexual assault.

Keenan, 65 admits to raping a 4-year-old child over a 3 year period. The former Mayor confessed to a group which included his wife, a pastor, a social worker as well as his Brother and sister-in-law.

According to court filings when Keenan wife confronted him about the allegation he admits,”I did it”.

Keenan spoke to the social worker in the group that confronted him that he had molested the girl for at least two years, beginning in September 2013.

He blamed the child for initiating sex and describing her as a “willing participant.” . He also revealed the abuse to a hospital group where he checked in after claiming he was suicidal.

The pastor in the group discussed, at length, Richard Keenan’s abuse of the young girl. Pastors cannot be compelled to testify under Ohio Law if such confessions were meant to be confidential.

But a Husband or Wife can testify if they wish against their spouse according to the Ohio rules of evidence.

Kennan boasted about his so-called relationship with Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. In an article wrote after he won the Mayor’s seat running on the Democratic ticket, “I’m a Christian. Dedicating my life to Jesus has changed my life,” and my favorite, “Don’t preach it, but live it.”

Prosecutors have asked the presiding Judge Peter Kontos if such documented admissions will be made evidence or prohibit their inclusion.

Richard Keenan is scheduled to stand trial in April and remains free on $75,000 bond.

There is the obvious injustice of a child being sexually abused by a man in power. There is another dimension that this rich man with political connections is free because he is rich and formerly in a position of power.

The system takes care of it’s own Democrat or Republican.