Officer Not Charged After Having Sex With Teen In ‘Police Explorer Program’

Two officers from the Dallas Police Department have just been fired after it was revealed that they had engaged in repeated instances of sexual misconduct.

Sgt. Jorge Guzman had what the department spin doctors are calling an “inappropriate relationship with a teenager”. That teenager was in the Dallas Police Explorer Program, and Sgt. Guzman held power and influence over them which some are saying could have “compelled” the teen to engage in sexual activity with the disgraced sergeant.

Guzman additionally was said to have refused to follow “a direct order from a supervisor” and also violated the department’s policies related to off-duty work.

But the Explorers case is the most damaging to him, as it could result in criminal charges, including possibly statutory rape. But for some reason, Officer Guzman has still not been charged. While the Dallas Police Department has confirmed that charges “could” follow, they would “neither confirm nor deny” that the teenager was below the age of consent in Texas.

The other officer in hot water with the department is Daniel Razo, who repeatedly revealed sensitive information related to cases to a prostitute who he essentially forced to have sex with him.

Like many other officers engaged in the same activity, Razo told the woman that he was a cop, leaving her no option but to engage in sexual activity with him or face jail.

Razo is also in trouble for a more minor charge of using city equipment for non-work purposes.

We could not get more clarification on this from department spokespeople, but it sounds like a reference to unauthorized, non-work-related use of a police cruiser.

(Article by M. David)