Off-Duty Mansfield Cop Goes On Walk, Fatally Shoots Children’s Dog

An off-duty Mansfield, Texas police officer proved that he does not value the lives of other people’s dogs.

A Mansfield, Texas family is mourning the death of their 5-year-old Great Dane, Caesar, after an off-duty officer fatally shot the dog as children played nearby, reported NBCDFW.

“I want to see some justice. I want him to have some accountability,” said the dog’s owner, Carol Evans.

The off-duty police officer was walking his own dog Sunday evening in the 4200 block of Iron Drive when Caesar went up to the other dog and they barked a little at each other, as dogs often do.

The officer alleges Caesar was aggressive towards him and that he believes he was justified in killing the family pet.  The cowardly officer says he tried yelling at the dog but when the dog refused to obey his orders, hevsaw no other option than shoot it.

“He did go over there, and they kind of started barking, so I said, ‘Caesar!'” Evans recalled. “I walked over there to get him. I was probably two to three feet away from him, went to pull Caesar, and he pulled a gun out and shot it.”

Two children from Evans’s family were playing nearby with 2 other neighborhood kids.

“When I saw the gun in his hand, I panicked, because the kids were right there, and I was like, ‘Get the kids inside, get the kids inside!'” Evans said.

“I want to know why in the world would he shoot off a loaded firearm literally 10 feet from children,” said Evans’s husband, Jeff Wempa.

Caesar died on the way to the veterinarian’s office.

“I’m going to be forever haunted,” said daughter Jessica Evans. “My best friend died in my back seat, for no reason. He didn’t do anything to deserve to die.”

The officer’s name is being withheld, but his actions are under investigation by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department.

“The department is continuing to look into this matter as we would with any citizen involved in a similar circumstance,” the sheriff’s department said in a written statement Monday.

(Article By James Carter)