Off Duty Cop Shoves 17-Year-Old Girl Official At 5th/6th Grade Basketball Game

The Wichita Police Department is reviewing an incident at a 5th and 6th grade basketball game in Augusta, Kansas, where an off duty police officer confronted and shoved a 17-year-old official.


Craig Carlson, an official who was not at the game, posted a video to Facebook and commented on the situation.

“This happened today in Augusta Ks… this guy is a Wichita PD officer, who assaulted a 17yr old basketball official during a 5/6th grade game,” he posted. “This is exactly why there is a shortage of officials in sports. This is unacceptable and should be seen and shared.”

“The official that was pushed is my buddy’s daughter and being an official myself, I thought I should share this with all my friends,” Carlson said in a Facebook message.

The man can be seen confronting a girl and can be heard saying “Get out of my way” as he leaves the court with a player.

A woman commented on the video, saying the referee is her niece.

“And sadly this kind of abuse on these teenage athletes who are reffing is becoming more frequent,” she said. “Absolutely ridiculous.”

Officer Paul Cruz with the Wichita Police Department confirmed that the man is a department member, but he did not say if the man is an officer, reported The Kansas City Star.

“WPD will be reviewing the incident to determine if any department policies were violated,” Cruz said in a written statement. “WPD officials do not have all the facts surrounding the incident at this time and cannot provide any further comment.”