Off-Duty Buena Park Cop Pulls Gun On Customer He Wrongfully Accused Of Stealing Mentos

An off-duty Buena Park police officer was caught on camera pilling his gun on an innocent customer he falsely accused of stealing a pack of Mentos from a gas station. The man had already purchased the Mentos when the officer confronted him.

In surveillance video, Jose Arreola can be seen asking the clerk how much a pack of Mentos costs, and then he paid $1.19 for the item, reported ABC 7.

Arreola waited for his change as the off-duty offier walked into the store and stood behind him in line. Arreola then puts his purchase in his pocket.

That is when the cop says, “Hey, give that back. I’m a police officer.”

Arreola seems shocked by the ridiculous accusation and turns to look at his accuser. The officer then repeated his previous statement and pulled his gun out of his pocket.

Arreola told the officer he already paid for the Mentos, but the officer didn’t bother to verify it with the employee at this time, he just continued to threaten the innocent man.

At one point he told Arreola, “Try stealing that again. Get your cash and leave.”

Arreola put the Mentos down, collected his change and stepped away from the register.

The officer finally decides to ask he clerk, twice, if Arreola paid for the mints, and the clerk confirmed both times that they were paid for.

The cop then apologized to Arreola and allowed him to take his purchased mints with him as he left.

Arreola is not satisfied with a simple apology, saying he continues to think of the terrifying March 16 incident.

“It made me mad. At the same time, it scared me because I thought he could shoot me,” he said. He also added that he was worried for his wife, who was waiting outside in a their car.

Arreola has retained an attorney and is seeking damages from the department over the incident.

The Buena Park Police Department released a statement on Facebook regarding the incident: