NYPD Cop Claims He ‘Blacked Out’ When He Shot Innocent, Unarmed Motorists For No Reason

Officer Brendan Cronin, of the New York Police Department, says that he “blacked out”  when he shot a man who refused a breathalyzer test.

Officer Cronin acknowledges walking up to the car in Pelham, New York, then firing 13 rounds into the vehicle.

He acknowledges that he shot Joe Felice six times with those 13 shots.

Shaun King of The Daily Kos notes that Officer Cronin is still on paid leave.

The officer pled guilty, but the fear is that with his new defense that he “blacked out,” Cronin will get off without any jail time.

Newsday reports that

New York’s CBS 2 News reports that Cronin “remained free on $150,000 bail after his plea, but was ordered to surrender and will be sentenced on The NYPD said he had been suspended pending termination.”

There was anger among the victims that the plea took so long. “I feel like we have to fight the system every step of the way to get justice that should be so obvious and so forthcoming,” said Felice’s wife, Patricia Scalfani.

The victims never saw Officer Cronin at the scene in Pelham, but surveillance video reportedly shows the officer getting out of his parked car with the victims stopped at the light. Cronin allegedly has his service weapon in his hand in the video, and he allegedly walks up, turns, and empties it into their vehicle.

Cronin claims that he had gone out with his fellow officers, after a long day of firearms training. While out at the bar with his colleagues, Cronin claims he got “very drunk.”

He says that he simply “doesn’t remember” and that he “blacked out” during the whole shooting.


(Article by Jackson Marciana; S. Wooten and M. David)